Waterworks Valley

Duration is around 4 hours. Bus service  7,7b  Bus stop  St. Lawrence Church. Hiking shoes are needed.
The walk isn't  appropriate for disabled person.

Le Chemin des Moulin

St. Lawrence walk  built by parish members to commemorate the year 2000, and leads us along the parish frontier and through the magnificent Waterworks Valley.

Their names can be seen on nails which were hit in wooden beans.

  The street parallel to the footpath  is called "Le Chemin des Moulin", what means way of mills. Once the valley was a watershed and replete with mills.

St. Lawrence Church

St. Lawrence  church and  its graveyard are worth a look. At the graveyard you find the graves of the Hampton Family and

their remembrance stone. This stone was  put up as the last male member of the family died. The coats of arms of the family, 3 stars, can be found on the church ceiling. The church windows were made by the famous glass artist Bosdet.

The gravestones on the yard  show you the profession of the buried person.
Once the church was used as parish hall and shelter. Before the garrison got an own building a canon stood in the church. A  bricked wall indicates were once the canon where  pull out /pull in the church.

Parish hall

Across the church the walk starts. Take  care when crossing the street, we follow the sign point to a footpath and take them. The path is only for pedestrians.

Green Lane

The footpath is a lovely narrow lane, from one point we can see on the right side Liz Castle and on the left side the houses of the Danglar family, which were build in the 16 century.

Le Mont Misere

We take the side road leading down Le Mont Misere, its a steeply walk so  take care not to slip out. Next we turn left to a path crossing a boardwalk and walking along a romantic brooklet and meadows.

Dannemarche Resevoir

The next 64 steps lead up to the Dannemarche reservoir. From the top  we enjoy a view  over the lake.

Moulin de Dannemarche


Accompanied  by the sound of birds and glances of squirrels we go further, until we reach a clearance near a pasture. 

Once the Moulin de Dannemarche or scholar mill was located here, no remains can be seen today. 

The owner spent some part of his earnings for education of penurious people. What gave them the possibility to get a graduation and afterwards a traineeship. These educated people came back to pass their knowledge  to the next generation.

Handois Reservoir

Passing pastures with grazing Jersey cows, Hampton farm and  a wonderful forest we reach Mill Le Quetivel.

 The mill is located at the crossing of La Rue de Bas and La Rue de la Ville es Gazeaux.The last part of the walk leads us through  a small avenue and ending at Hadois reservoir.


The way back


With a little patient  we can observe squirrel jumping from tree to tree or just popping out their heads.
We walk back to the crossing at Le Mont Misere and follow the footpath on the right side.

Millennium stone

We reach a clearance with a millennium stone  in its center and a board showing our walk.

Millbrook Resevoir

Now we head to Milbrook reservoir, one of the oldest reservoir in Jersey. The down-side is, that its attract  throngs of  gulls. By cleaning their feathers they mess up  the reservoir.

Mont Cochon

We follow the way along the forest;walk over a pasture to Mont Cochon. The last part is along the street Le Mont de Cochon. Sadly  only the first half provides a pavement. At the very end  we reach First Tower Park, where
a stone-age grave can be found.

At the main-gate is a bus stop where busses get off in direction St.Aubin or St. Helier.


It is a good  idea to get on a bus to St. Helier and indulge a cream tea at Howard Davis Park.