Hamptonne Farm

Hamptonne farm can be visited by the help of the local bus services from St. Helier , get on line  7 or 7b and  get off at bus stop Three Oaks.

That is the stop after St. Lawrence church. From the stop (gas station) carefully cross the street and follow the greenlane until their end,turn right at the next opportunity and finally turn left after 400m.

The museum

The purpose of Hamptonne farm is to show the history of farm life in the preceding centuries. It  of four farm buildings, each  to another century.

Each generation build its own house, depending on the available money. According to the Norman law, a house had to be built for the mother of the master after his dead.

In the old days only the master has a chair, that is where the word chairman comes from.


The farm is abounded with animals, like chickens, Jersey cows, a Shire horse,a pony, 5 rabbits, a cat, pigs and other lovely animals.

The garden provides the museum with herbs, vegetables and apples. Every fall cider is produced on the farm with help of an old stone press. Coming from Hesse (German county) you feel at home.


After exploring the farm has a bit at the museum bistro. The bistro offers original Jersey dishes, like bean crock with  fresh homemade bread or simply a delicious cream tea.


They can be walked  from Hamptonne farm to St. Aubin, passing the German Underground Hospital,  marvelous  granite houses and picturesque landscape.