Jersey Museum

The Jersey museum is located at the Weighbridge Bus Station,in recent times it was used as potato weight place.

The history from the stone age to modern is shown in the museum.

 A cinema is situated at the basement.A slide show about Jersey is being shown every twenty minutes.

 A headset is available for non-native speaker, where they can select  among different languages.

Jersey Lilly

There is a special section in the museum, which is devoted to the famous Jersey Lilly (Lilly Launtry).

In 1998 we attended a special Jersey Lilly exhibition. An actress was playing the role of Lilly Langtry and narrated about her life.

In the basement there is an exhibition about the history of Jersey. Incipient from the Stone Age, where Jersey belongs to the mainland and the surrounding grassland was abounded by mammoths and other ice age creatures, to eighteenth century.
The language of the islanders, Jeranaise, can be listen. Until the second world war this was the mother tongue of the islanders. Today only few inhabitants are able to speak it.

In the first floor they can be find paintings from romantic to contemporary.

At the upper floors an apartment of a well settled townsman is situated. It seems that the residents just pop out  for a cup of tea.

They can be find 3 bedrooms. The red one belong the sister of the owner, the green one his daughter and the blue one belongs the owner himself. The children have  a playroom. The bedroom of the children and Nanny is located in the attic. 

The museum restaurant offers delicious refreshments, especially the cream tea is worth a sin.