La Hougue Bie

La Hougue Bie can be visited with the help of the local bus service. Get on line 3a and get off at La Houge bie, or get on Line 3,3b or 23  and get off at Midland Stores it just a short walk to the museum.

 At Jersey you can explore the megalithic  culture. La Hougue Bie is one of striking megalithic remains. It is a 5500 year old cult place from the new stone age. A mighty hill conceals a megalithic building.  It can be reached  by a 5 m long tunnel, which can only be passed  kneeling.

If the eyes get used to the darkness, a chamber can be explored and you are wondering how people build  such a thing which  lasted for thousand of years, considering that fact that the building from the seventies have to be torn down because of construction faults.

In Victorian times La Hougue Bie was a major point for pleasure trips. A look-out was built on the top of the hill, from there you could watched on good days to France. The look-out was demolished, only two little chapels remains. Notre Dame de la Clartè (12 centuries) and Jerusalem chapel (13 centuries). A 12 century ceiling fresco  can be found in the Notre Dame de la Clartè chapel.

Neolitic Weeks

The neolithic weeks start at May and end in June. The daily stone age day is awaked.  Be amazed about the fur boat, which was built in May 1998 and could swim (some minutes) in the harbour of Gorey.

The mud hut give you the stone age life style feeling. With luck you can explore daily stone age activities, like fire making, weapon making and food preparation.

The museum informs you about the geology of Jersey and its history. Sadly the Nazis left their marks on La Hougue Bie, the whole area is tunneled  and you get a feeling about the cruelty of this time.

Walk: La Hougue Bie - Faldouêt Dolmen - Gorey

A wonderful walk starts at La Hougue Bie, passing the picturesque Queens Valley, with its Jersey cows and peacocks. Head to Faldouêt Dolmen, which can be reached by a narrow pass.  From the dolmen it is only a short walk to Gorey, where you can appreciate the Mount Oguil castle.

Get on the bus line 1 or 1b to St. Helier or spend some time in Gorey. There are several restaurants and tea rooms, cream tea is always a treat you deserved.