Liz Castle

Liz castle is located on a little island, which lay in front of the harbour. During low tide you reach the castle via the causeway. At hight tide you should take the puddle duck (amphibious vehicle). Don't miss it, its real fun.

Spend some time at Liz castle, it doesn't cost the world.

Don't miss the noon show at Liz castle.  A soldier assembles male tourists in the parade ground  These intrepid men have to go with him to the cannons. 

The soldier narrates about the history of Liz Castle and its defence system.

Liz castle failed completely during the battle of Jersey. The soldiers were drunk, because it was new eve, and paid no attention of the coming peril.

The French use the advantage of the high tide and dashed into the town.


Major Pearson fought against the French and paid it with its life. As a result Fort regent was built to deteriorate the weakness of Liz castle. Where once was the Fort  you find a recreation center.

The first resident of Liz castle was a monk from St. Helier. He living in the Hermitage as the Vikings came and decapitated him.

The last occupants of Liz castle were the Germans during the second world war, without any respect they build  their defence system among the history site.



At low tide you can walk to St. Aubin Fort.